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Co-General Manager/CEO: Donald A. Franklund 
Co-General Manager/CEO:  Travis Kupper 
Chief of Staff:  Jackie Miller
Manager of Administrative Services: Cindy G. Ternes
Manager of Operations: Randy Ressler

General Foreman:  Doug Nagel
Area Foreman:  Cody Maher
Journeyman Lineman:  Lance Brown Otter
Leadman:  Gary Fitterer
Journeyman Lineman:  Cody Graetz
Leadman:  Jason Jahner
Journeyman Lineman:  Blake Reis 
Journeyman Lineman:  Wayde Eckroth 
Journeyman Lineman:  Brett Fleck 
Journeyman Lineman:  Kale Ohlhauser 
Apprentice Lineman:  C.J. Pesicka 
Senior Engineering Technician:  Jason Helgeson
Engineering Technician:  Jesse Kuhn 
Staking Engineer Technician:  Brent Alkire
Meter Technician:  John Rath 
Member Services Manager:  Julie Armijo 
Member Services Representative II:  Patty Kluge
Member Services Representative II:  Deb Haugen
Member Services Representative II:  Beth Kroh
Facility Technician:  Tony Stegmiller 

IEA Cooperative Employees: 
Chief of Staff:  Don Mastel 
Chief Information Officer:  Charlie Dunbar 
SCADA Administrator:  Adam Bloms 
IT Specialist:  Derek Miller 
Manager of RTO Services:  Rob Kelly 
General Counsel/Manager of Regulation & Compliance:  Rebecca Thiem 
Manager of Engineering Services:  Trisha Samuelson
Electrical Engineer I:  Lee Keller 
GIS Coordinator:  Rick Padilla 
Civil Engineer I:  Taylor Van Dyke 
Chief Financial Officer: Alex Craigmile 
Accountant III:  Linda Peterson
Accountant III: Jolene Jochim
Accountant I:  Tiffaney Gerving 
Accountant I:  Danielle Kick 
Administrative Assistant:  Connie Hill 
Employee Services Coordinator:  Sarah Helbling
Safety Coordinator:  Craig Turner  
Project Coordinator:  Darren Stastny 
Communications Coordinator:  Carmen Devney 
Transmission & Substation Maintenance Manager (MSC):  Joe Volk 
Substation Technician (MSC):  Cory Halter 

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