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Service Charges

A. Service calls

In the event an outage is reported, a crew is dispatched and the cause found to be on the member's side, including open breaker switches and member's connections, the member will be charged for mileage, labor (two-hour minimum; then half-hour increments), materials, and any other overhead charges.

  1. Mor-Gran-Sou line crews can not, under any circumstances, do repair work on any member wiring beyond the point of attachment.[ND Century Code 43-09-16]

B. Damage to Cooperative property

When repair work is necessary due to member or non-member damage of Cooperative property, the party responsible for the damage will be charged for mileage, labor, material and overhead cost.

C. Standby generators

  1. To comply with safety requirements when generating equipment is used to supply power to a member's wiring system, it is mandatory that an approved electric power transfer device (double throw disconnect switch) is installed. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that wiring meets the National Electrical and National Electric Safety codes.
  2. Double throw disconnect switches:
    1. For members who purchase and install an alternate standby power source, the Cooperative shall require the installation of a double throw disconnect switch with adequate capacity to serve the load. The double throw disconnect switch (DTD) shall completely isolate the member's power facilities from the Cooperative's system and must include a lockable, visible disconnect device. In no case will parallel operation of the member's standby equipment with the Cooperative's system be permitted.
    2. At the consumer's request, and upon payment of a share of construction costs by the member equal to 100% of the cost of the material plus whatever percentage shall be deemed adequate for overhead and handling, the Cooperative will install a combination meter socket-double throw switch for single phase secondary services terminating on a Cooperative transformer pole. Double throw switches will not be provided for three-phase services or for single-phase services over 400 amps. No credit or trade-in value will be given for existing meter loops and/or disconnects, or double throw switches.
    3. The member shall be responsible for proper installation of the double throw switch, since it may involve internal wiring. The Cooperative will require a wiring certificate to show compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
    4. Should the Cooperative find the member who has installed a standby generator and has not provided an adequate protection device, the consumer will be notified they are not in compliance with the National Electrical Safety Code Sections 230-83 and 702-6. The member will have thirty (30) days to correct the violation or be subject to disconnection.
    5. Members may also be held liable to the Cooperative and/or to other members for damages or injuries caused by their failure to provide the protection outlined in this policy.

D. Power line under-crossing by oversized objects/buildings

  1. The Cooperative, upon proper notice and deposit of estimated costs (See Section E, 2b), will lift, open or de-energize any and all lines to permit the safe passage of oversized objects being moved. Provided, however, that the Cooperative reserves the right to designate the time and date when certain lines may be opened.
  2. The Cooperative will require not less than ten (10) working days notice from the party requesting clearance of the lines and giving the approximate date and time of the move and the height and route over which the object is to be moved.
    1. The Cooperative requires twenty-four (24) hour confirmation notice providing the exact time, location, height, and route over which the object is to be moved.
    2. The Cooperative will require an estimated advance payment to be made, based on the number of lines to be crossed, size and height of the building, etc.
    3. All work done on building moves will be charged on an actual cost basis.
    4. Any excess deposit over the actual expense will be refunded to depositor.
    5. All oversized object/building moves must meet the requirements set forth in Chapter 39-12 of the North Dakota Century Code.

E. Yard Lights

  1. For an account served by an overhead service, the Cooperative will, upon request, install yard lighting at member locations.
    1. The member shall pay an installation fee.
    2. The member shall pay a monthly fee based on the Cooperative's yard light schedule as may be modified from time-to-time, such monthly charge to be added to the member's electric bill.
    3. The Cooperative shall own, install and maintain this yard light at the Cooperative's convenience with the understanding that should the member request immediate maintenance, time and charges on a per hour basis will be charged to that member.
    4. For an account served by an overhead service, the yard light may be installed on the meter pole or transformer pole, as determined by the Cooperative. It CANNOT be installed on the consumer's premises beyond the meter pole.
    5. The member agrees that the Cooperative assumes no liability or responsibility for the maintenance or operation of the yard light and member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Mor-Gran-Sou from any claims or damages related to the yard light.
    6. The Cooperative reserves the right to remove the yard light at any time for any reason.
  2. For an account served by an underground service, please contact an electrician.

F. List of Charges

  1. The Cooperative will make such charges for reasonable special services as necessary to discourage abuse, and to minimize subsidy of such services by other members. See separate fee schedule where applicable.
    1. Service interruption incurred on member's side of the meter- member shall be billed for time and charges incurred by the Cooperative.
    2. Account processing fee- For changing records, transferring accounts, and/or for meter readings to accomplish transfers.
    3. Reconnect meter following disconnection for reasons other than a member in good standing, prior to meter installed.
    4. Line Retention - Should a member want the service left in place, a monthly payment, based on the appropriate rate schedule, will be required to offset the maintenance and service costs to the members of the Cooperative.
    5. Reconnect of new permanent service temporarily connected in contractor's name for construction purposes only - no charge.
    6. Connection fee to contractor for all permanent services used as temporary services.
    7. Meter test fee - If requested by the consumer,will be made prior to testing meter. If meter tests outside limits, the payment will be refunded.
    8. All NSF check(s) shall result in a cost recovery assessment per check to offset the costs involved in processing said check(s).
    9. Late payment penalty assessed per month on unpaid balance.
    10. Delinquency/Disconnect fee - Payment is required before meter will be reconnected.
    11. Meter reseal penalty.
    12. Yard light installation fee for installation of a single yard light.
    13. Used posts. Used posts are precut at a nominal length (8 - 12 ft.). Members/customers will not be able to randomly pick used posts as all posts will be pulled from the top of the pile.
    14. Double-throw disconnect switch. Members pay 100% of the cost of material plus whatever percentage shall be deemed adequate for overhead and handling.
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