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Capital Credits

So, you like receiving those capital credit payments, but you're not sure exactly why you get them. It's simple, really. Mor-Gran-Sou is a nonprofit business. We exist only to provide goods and services to you, our members, not to make a profit for a shareholder or investor. Cooperatives are operated to provide at-cost electric service to their members.

When all the expenses are paid, the cooperative's margins are credited to you in the form of capital credits. As the financial condition of your cooperative allows, you are paid these capital credits in cash. In the meantime, your capital credits are your equity in the cooperative.

Refunds are allocated based on the amount of business a member does with the cooperative -- the more electricity used, the larger the capital credit check.

If you have questions about your capital credits or would like a more detailed explanation, contact us at Mor-Gran-Sou.



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