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Board Highlights

At the regular monthly Board meeting:  November 18, 2020  

  • Approved the October 28, 2020 Board meeting minutes  
  • Approved a special equipment and two work order inventories  
  • Approved capital credit refunds to estates and those age 80 and over  
  • Reviewed the monthly director’s financial report  
  • Confirmed Board review of the financial report for October  
  • Reviewed senior staff department reports
  • Heard legal counsel report  
  • Heard update on Southwest Power Pool  
  • Reviewed update on WDUS Holdings, LLC  
  • Reviewed the Co-General Managers/CEOs update, and heard reports on meetings they attended 
  • Heard reports on meetings and events in which directors had participated 
  • Reviewed and approved the 2021 Budget 
  • Approved 2020 recognition of revenue deferral   
  • Authorized a delegate and alternate to serve on the NDAREC Board of Directors
  • Approved an NDAREC Resolution regarding their virtual 2021 Annual Meeting and voting requirements  
  • Confirmed director members to serve on a building committee   
  • Reviewed request for participation in a Mandan street improvement  
  • Reviewed upcoming virtual meetings 
  • Reviewed annual legal training on Board governance Code of Conduct & Ethics 
  • Reviewed safety newsletter from NDAREC 
  • Held Executive Session  


Upcoming regular Board meeting dates: 

  • December 16, 2020 - Conference call 
  • January 27, 2021 - time/location TBA 

Members are welcome to attend the Board meetings at any time. Please contact Cindy Ternes at Mor-Gran-Sou via e-mail, or phone 1-800-750-8212 or 597-3301, to confirm the meeting date and location if you wish to attend. Due to COVID-19, meetings may be changed with little notice. 

To place an item on the Agenda, please contact Co-General Manager/CEO Donald Franklund at 701-597-3301 or Chair Casey Wells at least one week in advance.

Members may obtain a copy of approved Board minutes by completing and returning the Request For Information or Data form.  You can find this form at or contact the Flasher office to request a copy.



Note: The following forms are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge from Adobe's web site. This is a safe, fast and easy installation.

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