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Alternate Energy

An Alternate Energy Source Loan provides a low cost alternative method of supplying affordable and reliable electric service.  At the sole discretion and choice of Mor-Gran-Sou, the member may be offered a choice of an alternate energy source system, in lieu of installing a new line to a seasonal use site.

  • Mor-Gran-Sou will offer low interest loans to a member who purchases an alternate energy source system.  Mor-Gran-Sou will finance up to 75% of the purchase price and installation.  A loan of $4,000 or greater shall not exceed ten years.  Maximum loan is $10,000.  A loan less than $4,000 shall not exceed five years. 
  • Currently the Cooperative will charge an interest rate of 8% simple interest annually on the balance.  Minimum contract payment will be $25 per month.  Member shall have a good credit rating.  The member is free to purchase the system from any distributor.

Uses:  Wind, solar, stand-by generators and other alternative energy sources.

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